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Why does my landline crackle?

Regardless of whether it’s crackling, humming, hissing, screeching, popping or buzzing, unwanted noises through your landline phone are frustrating and difficult to tolerate. Aside from making telephone conversations almost impossible, hearing a crackle as you use your landline could also be a sign of a problem with your internet connection.


Noises coming from landline phones are typically caused by electrical interference, faulty wiring, the weather and technical faults with the telephone itself. However, advancements in technology mean that these issues are less likely to occur these days. If you are experiencing unpleasant noises, it’s a good idea to address every possible cause for concern one by one to help identify the reason for the problem.


How to increase the volume of a landline phone


Most phones allow you to increase or decrease the volume, with both options being useful in instances where your phone is making a crackling noise. If you choose to increase the volume, you could be able to hear the voice on the other end of the phone more clearly, but if raising the volume also enhances the unpleasant noise, lowering your sound could make it easier to understand the person you’re talking to.


All landline telephones will possess a clear method of altering the volume. For wired telephones, it will be made obvious on the handset how to do this, and it will be possible to change the sound on the phone itself as well as the handset if it’s cordless.


The most basic method is provided as a set of switches or a scrolling dial at the side of the handset. More recent telephones will offer a digital alternative, where you can select the exact level of volume from your cordless phone or wired base unit.


Basic landline telephone handset with volume options


Why does my cordless phone crackle? 

Using a cordless phone means that you’re able to make phone calls in any part of the house, and you’re never restricted by the wiring that you’d need to take into consideration on a wired telephone. It tends to be the case that a cordless phone is more advanced than a traditional wired phone, but one problem that can arise from owning a cordless phone is that a poor signal between the phone and the base unit can cause unwanted noises.


If you plug another phone into the wiring of the phone you’re having problems with, you should be able to establish whether the fault is caused by your handset or the wiring in your home. There may be an issue with the connection coming from your local exchange or the signal being sent from your landline provider. If you check with other homes in the area and your landline provider, you should be able to rule out these two possibilities.


More often than not, the reason for a crackling noise in your cordless phone is due to interference from other electronic devices or a poor signal between your phone and the base unit. If you’re using more than one cordless phone in your household, it could even be the case that they’re interfering with each other despite often being the same make and model.


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