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What is WiFi range distance?

The speed, strength and range of your WiFi is important, as a poor reading for any of these three factors will mean a bad service for everyone attempting to use your broadband. WiFi range distance focuses on the perimeter around your router at which you can no longer access your internet connection.  Achieving a large WiFi range distance means that you can benefit from a stronger, more reliable signal further from your router.


Without any outside influences, most WiFi routers should guarantee a range of around 46 metres indoors, covering every room in a typical household or offering enough coverage for a small office space. Methods of enhancing WiFi range are regularly used by people who want to extend their internet coverage to more rooms in their homes or to facilitate a growing business. There are a few different ways to do this, and the best solution for you will depend on your specific practical requirements


How to boost my WiFi signal


You can improve the strength of your WiFi signal in a number of ways. Introducing a WiFi booster  can be effective in some circumstances, but if you’re looking at simple alternatives that don’t require additional devices, it’s possible to vastly improve the signal of your broadband router by merely making a few minor changes.


Where you choose to position your broadband router will impact the coverage you receive. Although router location is primarily based on where your house or office’s wiring is, keeping it central will mean an even spread of internet coverage throughout your building. Another factor based on location is local interference, as your internet signal will be far stronger if it’s away from other electrical devices.


How to improve WiFi upstairs


Even the strongest broadband connection downstairs can be weak upstairs, and it’s a common occurence to see a disappointing reading for WiFi as soon as it’s being used on a different floor to the router.


As mentioned previously, changing the location of your router to a more central position is likely to affect your WiFi in a positive way, as your signal will be shared out evenly across the building you’re in. However, with this usually only being possible through rearranging the wiring of your home or office, it may be preferable to look at simpler alternatives.


Between WiFi extenders, boosters, repeaters, access points, powerline adapters and mesh network extenders, there are several feasible ways to boost your WiFi coverage upstairs. WiFi boosters are the cheapest option, but as more long-lasting options such as WiFi powerline adapters  can be more powerful, it could be worth investing in these solutions, with many of the best options  available through POP Telecom.

An active wireless booster enhancing a household’s WiFi signal

How far can WiFi reach outdoors?


Just like with achieving a strong WiFi signal upstairs, it can be possible to extend your broadband signal outside your house. On average, a WiFi signal can reach as far as 92 metres outdoors, but even this figure could be insufficient for someone with a larger garden.


The same devices for extending WiFi are applicable for outdoor use, with the only caveat being that you’d need to make sure that they’re water and cold resistant in order to withstand rain, snow, ice and other environmental risk factors.


A matter of preference comes into the equation for WiFi systems if you’re looking for broader coverage and powerline adapters if you want the option to plug in additional ethernet cables outdoors, with it all being a matter of preference. WiFi boosters, repeaters and extenders are a possibility, but as these are indoor devices for use in plug sockets, they would need to be plugged in near your garden rather than in your garden.

 POP telecom offers – WiFi in a box, a simple solution to give WiFi in an open space with professional external antennas.  This easy to step up kit will take the signal from your router and beam it down your garden.  To find out more – contact us today.

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