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What does unlimited broadband mean?

Frequent internet usage is now a key part of our lives, both at home and in the workplace. Of course, everyone wants to secure the best internet deal and obtain the strongest broadband connection and this desire has prompted a more extensive selection of options from internet providers.


One of the most used phrases we hear when looking for a new internet provider is unlimited broadband, where you’re promised internet access with no restrictions.


Whether meant literally or used as a way of enticing potential new customers, it’s become one of the most desired selling points, but it’s not always clear exactly what is meant when companies offer this feature.


It can be difficult to know if it’s worth putting the prospect of unlimited broadband ahead of other key selling points such as value for money, internet speed, contract length, internet security and cloud storage.


Unlimited broadband packages are ideal for home use but they’re utterly crucial for businesses. With many businesses relying on the internet for everything from data storage, to payments, to video conferencing and requiring many members of staff to be online to at any given time, there’s no room for restriction.


What is unlimited broadband?


Unlike internet contracts with specified caps, unlimited broadband allows customers to use their internet without additional charges or restrictions of any kind. It could be the case that every internet package eventually becomes unlimited due to so many people now expecting no limitations on their internet usage.


Without the option of unlimited broadband on your internet contract, you would end up needing to treat your internet like you would a mobile phone contract, monitoring your data activity to avoid exceeding the allotted monthly amount and incurring extra fees.


From traditional ADSL and VDSL broadband via your telephone to ethernet and modern fibre optic, unlimited broadband is available through every possible method of receiving the internet in your home or business. For anyone currently looking for a new internet provider, unlimited internet is understandably the first port of call, so it’s fortunate that anyone can get access to it regardless of their setup.


Myths around how the internet works and how broadband providers operate include the concept that unlimited internet will only work with fibre optic broadband. It’s likely that you’ll get the most out of it - as well as the quickest download and upload speeds - through using fibre optic, but the amount of data you’re entitled to is the same if you’re signing an unlimited broadband contract for use on DSL or Ethernet.


Broadband internet router with empty ethernet cable slot Do I need unlimited broadband?


With over one million people becoming internet users every day, the demand for internet without limitations has become essential. Furthermore, the continued stability of companies across the world could be reliant on broadband without internet data restrictions.o:p>

Acquiring unlimited broadband at home will guarantee no additional charges from exceeding your monthly allowance. With this in place, everyone in your household won’t be restricted by their usage, even if they’re interested in streaming videos or gaming online. It might be the case that you would have kept within the limit of a more controlled broadband package, but it’s far less stressful to play it safe with an unlimited package.


Broadband usage in a working environment is imperative, but whether or not you need unlimited broadband would depend on the company in question. If an office-based business houses fifty members of staff who all need to use the internet for their individual duties, it would be unwise to go for anything other than unlimited broadband, as it wouldn’t take long to exceed the agreed limits, leading to potentially substantial charges.


Another way to make your internet unlimited is to prepare contingency plans by acquiring a backup internet router. By putting an extra service router aside, you’re able to keep your internet running smoothly despite any unprecedented errors. Disaster recovery (DR) is something that a lot of companies actively look to facilitate. Holding onto an additional router in the event of an internet fault is the most basic step you can take to avoid any forced lapse in company productivity.

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