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Rural Broadband

Unlimited Internet
Avg Speed
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  • Broadband is calculated by your distance from the exchange. We will always provide you with the fastest speed available
    Average means the average speed 50% of UK customer receive in peak times (8pm to 10pm)
    Our routers are delivered fully preconfigured for your convenience before your service commences- Plug and play and you’re away
    We never change your price mid contract – Our prices are guaranteed


Faster Rural Broadband

Alternative to Leagcy Rural Broadband
per month
Subject to status and connection to the POP mobile network

Why not upgrade?

  £35.00 4G O2 SIM Unlimited Calls and Unlimited SMS plus Unlimited Data
  £45.00 4G Vodafone SIM Unlimited Calls and Unlimited SMS plus Unlimited Data
+ £10.00 a month


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Here at POP Telecom, we believe that you’re entitled to the best broadband available whether you’re located in an urban or rural area.

 Rural broadband has a reputation for struggling with modernisation. The networks and exchange services used are often very outdated with no infrastructure in place for faster services like fibre. There are a range of logistical factors that can impact on broadband services in more remote areas, including the fact that it is often harder to lay broadband cables in areas where there are natural obstacles such as hills, trees, lakes and rivers.

 We know that struggling to access fast and reliable broadband can be extremely frustrating. That’s why we’ve developed enhanced rural broadband solutions that help to ensure you’ll be running at the optimum level for your area.


Reliability is crucial

 When you’re using rural broadband, it’s vital that you have a network provider that you can rely on. When you live off the beaten track, it’s always a wise idea to have the best support service on hand if problems arise, and qualified help to make sure you stay online. Our bespoke broadband for rural areas has been developed specifically with the needs of your location in mind. Our packages offer a reliable, fully supported, cost-conscious communications solution that benefits from free landline and router assurance. If you’re on the hunt for the best broadband for rural areas, you’ve come to the right place.

 hether you’re a rural-based home or business owner, you need the best broadband possible. With over 20 years’ experience of providing network solutions, we’ve developed a communications service that’s second to none. We understand that when you’re living in rural areas, the level of support you receive is key. Our rural broadband deals include a support structure based right here in the UK for clear communication when you need it most. Customer support and technical help are both included as part of our packages.

We currently cover 94% of the UKs population, delivering reliable broadband services. This means that no matter where you’re located, we can provide you with the best network connections and services possible. You can rest assured you’ll be operating at the optimum level in your area. You’ll also benefit from an unlimited service with no traffic shaping, no slowing or stoppages, and you will be completely uncapped when it comes to downloads.

Our broadband deals for rural areas are available with easy to manage contracts. The prices are fixed for the full length of contract, so you can always budget accurately. Competitively priced, our deals have been developed to offer the best service at affordable rates.


Straightforward and dependable

At POP Telecom we work hard to provide simple and reliable services for our customers, always offering them a fully transparent view of all the benefits of joining us. Even in rural areas, our broadband services offer reliable and strong solutions that take account of the factors affecting these locations. We are one of the UK’s largest networks for both fixed line and broadband, which means wherever you’re based, we’re a great choice for exceptional service.


If you’d like some more details on our broadband services designed for rural areas, you either chat now with our expert team or get in touch by phone. Our customer service and technical teams are always on hand with advice and assistance if you require it.


Get yourself connected to a broadband network you can rely on. Just because you live out of town doesn’t mean top-quality broadband should remain out of reach.


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