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Frequently Asked Questions

If you can't find the answer to your question here, you can call us at the local rate on 0343 538 6611 or Chat Online to one of our experienced support agents


Q: What broadband speed is available to me?
A: Simply put your postcode (and telephone number if you already have one) into our line checker after finding the offer you are most interested in and find out your available speeds. Our speed checker uses the latest technology to determine your area speed. Alternatively, call our sales team on 0343 538 6666.

Q: When will my services start?
A: Your services will go live a minimum of 10 working days after you place your order with us. Your welcome letter which was sent to you (normally by email if you supplied one) will confirm the exact date but remember, your services can go live anytime up until midnight.


Q: I am trying to access my online account and it keeps coming up log in failed?
A: Your online account will be active 24 hours after your live date, your welcome letter has details of your username and password, you will need these to log in.



Q: What is the fair usage policy



Q: When will my router arrive?
A: Your new router will be delivered the day before your Broadband starts, we send all our equipment by Royal Mail and we have a tracking number for you to track your delivery.



Q: Our broadband is not connecting to the internet
A: Check the lights on your router, what one is turned off or red?
Wifi light: You just need to connect the wifi to your device from the router, in the router box we sent you instructions on how to connect this
DSL light: If this is red or turned off please contact us
Internet Light: If this is red or turned off please contact us



Q: When is my first payment due?
A: Your first payment is due around 7 days before your services start with us.



Q: When will I receive my welcome pack?
A: Welcome packs are sent once we receive confirmation the line will be with us on a certain date. This is 3-5 days after we place the order.



Q: Can I change the date of my direct debit?A: Your bill date is the 16th of each month and the direct debit is taken on or just after the 1st of the following month. We cannot change this for our normal monthly billing.



Q: When is my monthly direct debit due?
A: Your direct debits are due on or after the 1st of the month



Q: I am moving home, how do I inform you?
A: You need to inform us 28 days before you need the service by ringing 0343 5386611. We will check what services are available at your new address and offer you a range of options.



Q: How will Covid effect my engineer appointment?
A: If an engineer arrives at your property to either install a service or to fix a network fault, you must inform them if you have any signs and symptoms of Covid-19. We ask, where possible you contact us in advance so we can cancel the appointment.



Q: My broadband started in the last 14 days and I have experienced a few speed drops or intermittent connection?
A: When your line first starts with us it goes through a stabilisation period, where we monitor and tweak your speed for around 14 days using our Dynamic Line Management system. We do this to make sure you're getting a stable broadband connection and it's normal to get varying speeds or occasional drops in your connection during this time.
We ask that you please bear with us and keep your router switched on at all times; this helps us gather important data about your line so we can give you the best service possible.



Q: I want to make my landline ex-directory
A: Making your number ex-directory means that it won’t appear in the phone book or the 118 directory service, which is a great way to avoid nuisance and cold calls. This is a free service, and as standard we make all customers ex directory unless they request otherwise.



Q: What to do if you are struggling to load websites?
A: If you're having problems loading websites follow our tips below.
Openreach are responsible for maintaining and installing new connections on behalf of the UK’s broadband providers
Try a different website- Open your browser and navigate to a different website. If it works, then the original site you were trying to access might be down.
Clear your browser's cache- Your browser temporarily stores images and text from web pages in a storage area called a cache. This is designed to help your computer "remember" web pages so they load faster when you access them. Sometimes when web pages change your cache can interfere with the pages, making them load more slowly or display incorrectly.
Update your browser- Using older versions of your browser can cause loading issues – especially if you’re watching videos or looking at pages with lots of graphics. Downloading the latest version of your browser – Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari or Internet Explorer – may help. If this doesn't fix the problem, try a different browser altogether.
Reboot your router- Try restarting your router. Turn it off at the mains and leave it off for at least 30 seconds before turning it back on.



Do I need an aerial to use the television?

An aerial is required to watch both live and digital terrestrial channels (e.g. BBC One, BBC Two) however there is plenty of content available without the requirement for an aerial, such as: additional HD channels and over 30 applications like Prime Video, Rakuten and YouTube.



How do I set up my television?

Getting set up with your TV box only takes a couple of minutes and is super simple! Plug in the power, HDMI and aerial cables, follow the on screen instructions on your TV to connect to your home Wi-Fi and scan for your Freeview channels and your setup is complete.