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What is the best broadband for gaming?

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For the large percentage of people across the UK who regularly use the internet for gaming, broadband strength and speed is a crucial factor, as online gaming can be ruined by an unreliable connection.


Unlike less demanding tasks, online gaming requires super fast broadband to keep up with the real-time nature of the games being played. A faster internet connection means a more seamless online experience for the user, so it’s a high priority for experienced gamers to find the best broadband for gaming.


Problems with your internet connection will affect computer gaming through programmes like Steam or console gaming on an Xbox or PlayStation in equal measure. Every gamer has a preference over the platform they’re using and the games they’re playing, but a poor internet connection will affect them in the same way if the correct solution isn’t found.


Does broadband speed affect online gaming?


Rather than focusing on finding the quickest internet connection, it would be more beneficial to source the most reliable. It’s become a common myth to assume that speed is the be all and end all when it comes to securing the best connection, as inconsistency is a more frequent cause of disruption for activities like online gaming.


An extremely low broadband speed would affect online gaming, but it would have to be so slow that you would be encountering problems with all other internet uses, including using WiFi on mobile devices.


Choosing a dedicated gaming broadband package would ensure a hyper-fast router capable of maintaining your connection for live online gaming, but speed is not the only factor that affects broadband performance. The number of connected devices at any one time, activities being carried out by each device such as video streaming and downloading large files, and the ping for connecting to the server all play a part in the strength and speed of your internet connection. Speed and strength can also be affected by broadband faults and maintenance work in your local area.

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Do WiFi extenders work for gaming?


Activities such as online gaming and video streaming need a strong internet connection in order to provide the necessary instant coverage, so it would make sense to use a WiFi booster or extender if problems arise.


If you’re having continual issues with your broadband and it’s affecting your online gaming activity, there are several options for enhancing your connection. Excessive broadband usage, unexplained dead spots within the house or the demand for internet coverage in the garden can often lead to the need for a WiFi extender or booster.


What is the difference between a WiFi extender and booster?


Depending on the issue you’re having, you may choose either a WiFi extender or a booster. While WiFi boosters are connected to your wireless network as a method of boosting your existing signal, a WiFi extender can be placed anywhere in your household to improve the broadband strength around your house.


Internet users have been known to use a WiFi booster connected to their router to strengthen their signal, but it’s often the case that WiFi extenders are more useful. This is primarily down to the fact that your gaming device could be located far from your router, meaning that the extra support from a WiFi extender could make all the difference.


Although there’s also the option of introducing a WiFi repeater, they’re often ruled out due to several crucial shortcomings. A WiFi repeater is a mix between a booster and an extender, available for use in any part of the house but with the intention of amplifying the original signal from the router.


The only issue with this type of device is that they’ve been known to lose the original signal easily and any interference from mobile phones, radios, microwaves and other electronic devices can make the repeater almost entirely ineffective.


It’s possible to test your internet coverage to weigh up whether it’s strong enough to cater to your online gaming activity. If you’ve already purchased a broadband package that aims to improve your internet for online gaming and you continue to experience issues, it could be the case that a WiFi extender or booster is the correct course of action to take.

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