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What broadband speed do I need to stream movies?

Through the rapidly growing selection of online video streaming services, the ability to watch films and TV shows over broadband has become one of the most in-demand uses for the internet. Online gaming is something that a lot of internet users have been interested in for some time, but as online streaming appeals to all ages, it’s quickly turning into a far more popular activity for many of the UK’s broadband customers.


Securing the best internet connection is something that lots of people strive for, but it’s hard to work out what broadband speed is actually needed for things like streaming movies when there are so many different options in terms of broadband packages.


What download speed do I need for HD streaming?


Every level of demand for streaming is met by a different recommended internet speed to get the best results from your viewing experience. At an absolute minimum, three megabits per second will assure a reliable stream for standard definition TV shows and movies, but the required speeds are larger depending on the level of quality you want from your streaming.


Watching videos online in high definition is starting to be the norm for many internet users, so it’s fortunate that there isn’t a gigantic jump needed in broadband speed to do this, as only five megabits per second is required for HD viewing. As for more advanced parameters such as 4K, 4K ultra, 3D and ultra HD, 25 megabits per second is advised as a minimum due to the far higher demands for this level of viewing quality.


How much upload speed do I need for streaming?o:p>


Unlike download speed, upload speed has no influence on your online video streaming capabilities due to the only requirement being the quality of your connection for incoming data. However, if you’re experiencing a poor upload speed, it’s likely that you’ll suffer from an equally poor download speed, so it’s often the case that one will reflect the other.


Is upload speed important for streaming?


Recognised online streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Now TV, BBC iPlayer, ITV Hub, All 4, My 5 and Disney+ tend to stress the importance of a reliable upload speed to the same extent as having a reliable download speed, but it’s untrue that both are necessary for using any of these services.


If you were looking to stream your gaming activity to a website like Twitch or use any other service that involves you uploading content to the internet, a strong upload speed would be crucial, but it’s not at all relevant for video streaming activities that only involve content you’re downloading from the internet.

Online Streaming Services on a mobile device including BBC iplayer and Netflix

How to test streaming speed


Lots of websites provide a free service for checking your internet speed. Although more are developed and released practically every day, many internet users rely on speedtest.net, as it’s simple and there are no catches or hidden costs.


Features like speedtest.net offer in-depth information on your internet service provider and everything you need to know about your current internet speed and strength. Both download and upload speed are included as key factors regarding your broadband strength, and you’re also given your connection response speed or ping.


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