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Here at POP Telecom, we understand that in order to prosper, a small business must have the very best communications available. We also know that when you’re at the beginning of your business, you need to keep your costs as low as possible. That’s why we’ve put together a deal that delivers exceptional small business phone and broadband for a price that’s simple to get to grips with and won’t break the bank.


Real reliability


When a small business is growing, it’s essential to build a reputation for reliability, and this means that you need a communications provider you can count on. Our specially designed small business broadband has been created specifically with your requirements in mind. Our broadband offers a dependable, cost efficient and cutting-edge communications solution that benefits from experienced and specialist support. If you’re hunting for the best small business phone and broadband deals around, you’ve picked an ideal place to start your search.


Every small business has its own ambition and we task ourselves with assisting our customers as they work to achieve these unique aims, by offering them the tools they need to succeed. With over 20 years’ experience in broadband, telecoms and VoIP, we’ve developed a network service that’s second to none. That’s why we pride ourselves on delivering some of the best small business broadband available. With top quality communications working for your business, ably supported by UK-based expert assistance right when you need it most, we can keep your company communications running smoothly.


Speed and value


As well as business premium landline, our broadband offers unlimited downloads and business grade speeds, at an average of 11 to 63 Mbps depending on your package, your enterprise won’t be lagging. A selection of routers from wireless routers with Wi-Fi speeds of 300Mbps to optional AC 1,200 routers will be provided as required ensuring you’re fully equipped. Our business broadband deals also offer a flexible range of contracts, so you can select one bespoke to your needs at exceptional value.


Your small business can make the most of cheaper call rates. With 1p per minute for landline calls and 6p to mobile networks, our small business phone deals offer optimum savings.


Our business phone and broadband deals both benefit from the great value contracts, with prices fixed for the entire length of contract so you can budget for what your small business will be spending over the financial year.


Communicate and collaborate


A fast and efficient business communications network is essential to creating a superior workflow for your small business. A business-grade network will allow you to communicate and collaborate with both your customers and colleagues to greater effect, enhancing and improving how you do business by enabling you to work at the height of your potential. Keeping your costs down on your communication set-up will also allow you a budget for bigger things, while ensuring your growing business always operates efficiently with a competitive edge.


At POP Telecom, we specialise in producing simple but efficient services for our customers, offering them a clear understanding of all the advantages of joining us. Our broadband offers a robust and reliable network that covers 94% of the UK’s population, making it effectively the largest network for fixed line and broadband within the UK.


For further information on our small business broadband deals, and to discover how we can help, contact us today and take your first steps to effective communication. Get connected to a small business broadband network you can rely on, because being connected is what business is all about.

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